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DIVE CLASSES are flying to Athens from May until September... back to BRUSSELS after the summer !



Dive is the cup of coffee in the morning. Is a ritual. Is the precious moment we need to connect with ourself, our body, our flesh, our wholeness, before starting the day.

"Once my veins are filled with a cup of Dive I feel the body is alive, ready to play. To be creative."

I consider Dive as a body and mind warming up (or a breakfast for our muscles and imagination) which prepares the dancer to go further and be autonomous and confident in the practice of improvisation and instant composition.

Concretely, Dive is an immersion into a non-stop guided dance-improvisation session in which we explore the different qualities of movements within our bodies. By diving and traveling through imagination and physical sensations we connect with the most intimate and sensitive level of our physical and sensorial bodies.

The aim of this practice is to provide joy while dancing, enhance instinctive movement, creativity, open new pathways, discover the big potential of our imagination as a tool to create movement, but also to push our physical capacities to their limits. A training of imagination, awareness, physical challenge, creativity... filled by body vibration, flow and groove.

(Inspired by Gaga language).