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a cycle of dance improvisation classes around the imaginary of movement

with Silvia Pezzarossi & Francesca Saraullo




Francesca and Silvia come together in this pedagogical and artistic transmission project by launching a series of encounters that see the alternation of their respective dance & choreographic works towards a common goal: the awareness of movement and its performative power.


The desire of both is to bring together their different but complementary practices - Silvia's dynamic and physical DIVE and Francesca's intimate and grounded CORPO PELVICO - in order to let them influence and enrich each other and together create a pool of improvisation and choreographic devices. 



Their shared intention is to bring the group into a collective awareness of a common and creative act. By guiding each participant to get in touch with their own personal specificity in dance, Silvia and Francesca wish to create a performative environment where the individual is found in the plural.



Where does my intention for movement come from? 


How can the pelvis, the energetic center of the body, open up new possible kinesthetic scenarios in movement?

What do I transmit through my movement by using the space, the time and the rhythm in a specific way ? 

What do I convey through a pause, a simple gaze, a still presence?

Which elements do we need to consider in order to 'perform' and not just dance for ourselves?


Through the use of different practices and tools such as: DIVE movement improvisation, sensitive dance, the work around and within the pelvic sphere, through specific tasks of improvisation and instant composition, the dancer is invited to research a movement identity of its own and to open the latter to a performative space / time within the group.



Listening, creativity, unicity, intuition, action, sharing. 


We feel, we listen, we create and we connect. 

We Perform.




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Dates: 14 FRIDAYS from January 2023 to April 2023

13/20/27. 01   &   3/10/17. 02   &   3/10/17/24/31. 03   &   14/21/28. 04   2023

Time: from 18.30 to 20.30 (doors open at 18.15)

Teaching system:  Silvia’s practice and Francesca’s practice, alternating.

First class on 13/01 with Silvia.


Location: Joji studio, rue de la Glacière 18 - 1060 Saint-Gilles, Brussels


Fee: all trimester (14 sessions) 175 euro

A deposit of 50 euros is asked to confirm your inscription. The rest is to be settled on site the first day.


This deposit can be refunded only for illness and/or other impossibility on our part. In case of cancellation, the deposit is refundable up to 10 days before the date of the first class (until january 3th). After this date, the refounding won’t be possible anymore.


Notes: participants make a commitment for the entire series !!!


Language:English and French


Audience All levels with previous movement experience.Max. 12 participants.



Info and registration:


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About the teachers:


Silvia Pezzarossi is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and massage therapist of Italian origin, based in Belgium where she has been living for several years.


Rich in different experiences, teachings and artistic influences (among them especially Gaga language) Silvia develops her own pedagogical practice of dance improvisation based on movement qualities, physical states, images, the theater and the absurd. Thus she gives life to DIVE.

Silvia teaches DIVE in various artistic realities of Brussels but has also traveled to Turkey, Italy, France and Greece.



Francesca Saraullo is a choreographic and visual artist, performer and teacher. She creates dance works, performative installations and art-dance videos. The somatic practice is at the center of her research. Focusing on the aesthetics of the ordinary, on memory and the imaginary, she moves her artistic practice to the limit between reality and fiction. In her performances, she invites the audiences to an intimate journey where they are involved into a surreal and sensitive world. Since 2020, she has been supported by the French Community of Belgium (FWB, Charleroi Danse) to develop, articulate and deepen her research onto the body as an archive of memories, both personal and archaic, constructed of sensations, images, landscapes, sounds and emotions. Francesca collaborates with a variety of artists. Her latest video work 'W.' is selected by theDancefilmfestival Brussels 2022 in the “Belgian Beauties” ' section.


w:  portfolio  (eng) portfolio (fr) 


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