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MONDAY 18H - 19H + 19H - 20H at B-Y-P
TUESDAY 12H30 - 13H30 at B-Y-P
FRIDAY 12H30 -13H30 at B-Y-P

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Pilates is a personalised postural technique that builds strength, grace and support without straining the joints, heart or internal organs.

By learning to feel your body, you learn to respect it. By learning to control your movements, you learn to work efficiently.

The first step is to strengthen the stabilising muscles. These muscles help to place and maintain the trunk in the optimal position during exercise (centering, stability, engagement).

Then the muscle chains of the movement do their work (control, precision, fluidity, coordination).

This principle, which is found in all exercises, guarantees highly effective and safe work for the body.

Pilates focuses on muscle balance, joint mobility, precision of movement and fluidity, and is a great way to relieve lower back pain, develop flexibility, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, relieve joint pain and tendonitis, improve fitness and enhance quality of life.


TUESDAY & FRIDAY 12H15 -13H15  at  B-Y-P

Infos and registration on the website: https://b-y-p.be/

SATURDAY 11H30 - 12H30   PILATES MAT BEGINNERS    Espace Bamboo

5 card classes 70€ 

10 card classes 130€


info & registrations to follow the trimester program: silviakoo11@hotmail.com