Silvia Pezzarossi


I think that since I was young I have favored the tangible and visceral relationship with the body and dance because it allows me to connect with the irrational and mysterious part of my deepest self.
Dance is for me an escape from the banality of reality.


I'm a contemporary dancer, teacher , choreographer and thai-massage therapist of italian origin, based in Belgium where I live since several years.

After a long and rigorous ballet training I discover and study contemporary dance first in Italy (Roberto Zappalà professional training school) then in Switzerland (Junior Ballet of Geneva) and finally in Belgium.


In Belgium, while collaborating as dancer and performer with several artists and choreographers I begin to develop my own performative and dramaturgical language which prompt me to make choreography.


Supported by different Belgian theaters I could make until today three personal dance creations and performances:

"Mucyclo", "Waiting for the fishes", "En attendant que les poissons passent..." and I'm ready to embark on my next creation "NICE !" a dance/performance duo planned for the season 2023/2024.

All of them share a strong humorous and performative universe which characterise my works.


However, it is not only Belgium that inspired me as a dancer and artist: my fascination with the Israeli art movement led me to undertake several trips to Tel Aviv. Here, my artistic encounters with Israeli dance and the Gaga language have left an important imprint on my body language, my creations and my current pedagogy.


Rightly about pedagogy: when I realized that my activity as a choreographer and performer was no longer enough for me cause my temperament was to share and convey my passion with people.. at that moment I felt the need to develop my own pedagogical approach and to teach.

I called my dance class “Dive”: a guided improvisation practice open to all levels inspired by the gaga language and other improvisation methods precious to me.


Thai Yoga Massage and postural Pilates are the two other arts of body and spirit that I have dived into and work with because I consider them the right spices to complete my recipe of creativity through body’s movement, therapy and imagination.