Silvia Pezzarossi


I think that since I was young I have favored the tangible and visceral relationship with the body and dance because it allows me to connect with the irrational and mysterious part of my deepest self.
Dance is for me an escape from the banality of reality.

I'm a contemporary dancer, teacher, choreographer and thai-massage therapist of italian origin, based in Belgium where I live since several years.

Movement, imagination, humour and sharing are the elements I cannot do without and look for in my daily life.

I dance to remind myself that I am vibration and madness.
I create to enjoy the imaginative and infinite power of the mind.
I teach to fill the air with different shades of colours, temperatures, emotions, stories, ideas, images. To share, transform and grow together with people.
I give treatments to escape from chaos, connect with raw material, intuition, listening and metta (loving kindness).

I trained in ballet and contemporary dance in Italy and Switzerland. Once I arrived in Belgium I started collaborating as a dancer and performer with some local and international artists. 

Little by little ... well, not so slowly.. I felt the need to develop my own performative and choreographic language which prompt me to make choreography.

I consider myself a curious observer of society and its dynamics.

I am attracted by its resources as well as its contradictions and fragilities.

This complex, sometimes incomprehensible and bizarre social trend and behavior awakens in me curiosity, amazement and inspiration to create.

Supported by different Belgian theaters I could make until today three  dance & physical theater creations:

"Mucyclo", "Waiting for the fishes" and "En attendant que les poissons passent...".  All of them share a strong physicality and the use of a performative register that appeals to audience interaction, humour and surprise.

However, it is not only Belgium that inspired me as a dancer and artist: my fascination with the Israeli art movement led me to undertake several trips to Tel Aviv. Here, my artistic encounters with Israeli dance and in particular the Gaga method have left an important imprint on my body language, my creations and my pedagogy.


Since 2015, I have been developing my own pedagogical practice based on improvisation, DIVE, which is inspired by the principles of Gaga but which I extend to a personal research. 
DIVE is part of my daily artistic life and I transmit it through classes and workshops in Belgium and abroad (Charleroi Danse, UP circus & performing arts center, Hybrid Studio/cie bud Blumenthal, Istanbul Fringe festival in Turkey, Dance Days Chania Festival and Kinitira artistic network in Greece, Lobo Festival in France, Performare festival in Italy).


Thai Yoga Massage and postural Pilates are the two other arts of body and spirit that I have dived into and work with because I consider them the right spices to complete my recipe of creativity through body’s movement, therapy and imagination.